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Amrani Design is proud to position itself as a company of both Moroccan and American people, thriving on well-established trade connections and long established friendship. If you are looking for statement pieces that add elegance and personality to your living space then you have landed at the right place. We are the most organized online destination in the niche of authentic Moroccan handicrafts that exemplify good design and maintain a sense of whimsy and wonder. We carry a well-edited inventory that highlights the latest in materials and design concepts.

As a humble business set-up we thrive on ingenuity, bringing you artistically styled creations with a promise of affordability. What initially started as an importing and wholesaling hub of Moroccan handicrafts for companies all over the US quickly garnered international attention for a refined and aesthetic collection of handicrafts that are more playful in their appeal rather than being perfectly polished.

What Do We Do?

Our objective is to assist you in upgrading and simplifying your living space with more progressive, rather smarter home décor options. We help you make the perfect recipe for your dream abode by using the most unthinkable ingredients. For instance, a leather Pouf from our collection can function as an Ottoman, extra seating in your guest room, a foot rest or even an unconventional accessory for your stylish wall shelf. Quality is our prime focus and therefore we assess each of our offering for its design, function, raw materials and authenticity of craftsmanship.
What To Expect from Our Collection?

We stock a tastefully-picked selection of authentic Moroccan poufs, rugs and wicker baskets. The items carry an inherent traditional essence with impeccable finishing that is most suited for contemporary styles. You can use the items from our inventory as functional gifts, personal accessories or home décor adornments intended to improve everyday living. At Amrani Design.com we have basically done all the spadework for you and all you have to do is let your fingers pick the best items for sprucing up your interiors from our store. To keep pace with the thriving marketplace, our online boutique inventory is being constantly updated, adding a few enhancements every now & then but our commitment to our customers is as unwavering as ever.

Our Ethics Make Us Different

Since the marketplace of genuine Moroccan handicrafts, especially the furnishing items is highly fragmented a huge pool of discerning buyers are held back from procuring bespoke home décor products. We address this requirement by operating with a fair trade policy. Rather than importing Moroccan poufs, rugs and baskets at exploitative rates we work directly with artisans to deliver you the products within the realm of reasonable pricing. Our association with the native artisans is founded on mutual respect and fair practice. We still have a few select wholesale customers to whom we provide full shipping overseas directly from Morocco but our area of focus for now is Moroccan pouf and Beni Ourain rugs. We still have a wealth of experience that we offer as a bespoke sourcing service.

Our Core Values

Optimum Quality Control- Right from the raw materials used to the final product dispatched to the buyer, we adhere to strict quality control measures as we aim to provide nothing less than the best to our valued patrons.

Affordable Prices- Our customers vouch for our prices, even those who have personally been to Morocco know that what we are offering is a thoroughly fair deal.
Reliability- We have gathered years of experience in dealing in Moroccan handcrafted items. Our team understands the concerns that can arise and already has solutions to deal with them. Plus you can rely upon us for 100% authenticity.

Customer Service- Amrani Design has never believed in high pressure sales. Our customers are of utmost importance to us and therefore our customer service has always been more than just satisfactory.

Our constant lookout for inspiration enables us to emphasize on exclusivity. Associate with us if you are looking for home décor items with a difference!

We help you create a haven that you can proudly call ‘yours’.


  • Amrani Design Artisanal Import
  • Amrani Design Artisanal Import
  • Amrani Design Artisanal Import
  • Amrani Design Artisanal Import
  • Amrani Design Artisanal Import
  • Amrani Design Artisanal Import
  • Amrani Design Artisanal Import
  • Amrani Design Artisanal Import

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Moroccan pouf

Moroccan pouf

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  • bringing them home is a must. Get these poufs home today!
  • moroccan poufs‪‎Moroccan‬ ‪Poufs‬- The New Sensation in Home Decor
    Use them as ‪footrest‬ or as coffee ‪table‬ substitute or as impromptu seat for your guests whichever what you want! But, bringing them home is a must. Get these poufs home today!.
  • I felt so intimidated to
    re-create it in my own home
  • pouf-couleur-cuir-natur.jpgMoroccan‬ ‪‎Decor‬ is on swing. Every modern household possesses Moroccan Accents to uplift their decor. You can find best Moroccan ‪‎Poufs‬, ‪‎Rugs‬ and Baskets at amranidesign.com
  • You can get your favorite piece at amranidesign.com at best prices!
  • pouf-couleur-cuir-natur.jpgMoroccan Berber rugs are unique and are hand crafted by Moroccan Berber tribes, Arab nomads and settled inhabitants.
  • The original Moroccan Beni Ouarain Rug
  • Moroccan Beni Ouarain Rug has jumped into mainstream as an elegant decorative addition.Rich and large rugs bring an artistic essence, a bold design and an ancient charm to contemporary interiors.
    Buy our authentic Handcrafted Moroccan Beni Ourain Woolen Rugs at our store.

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