Morocco is the country of dreams

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Morocco is the country of dreams


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Morocco is a vast country, offering a multitude of breathtaking landscapes, from the lush Rif region in the north and the Atlantic coast, dotted with blue and white villages, to the vast expanses of the south, with its immense Atlas mountains and burning desert sands. Nestled against this impressive backdrop are the imperial cities–Fez, Meknes, Rabat, and Marrakech–whose splendor bears witness to the magnificence of the sultans of yesteryear.

SOUKS: A FEAST FOR THE SENSES With a wicker basket

amranidesign ottomanThe souk–the market at the heart of every medina–is a world unto itself, where enchanting colors, sounds, scents, and materials rouse the senses. Narrow, labyrinthine streets are lined with stalls and shops offering the finest in Moroccan craftsmanship: the carpets, pottery, ceramic tiles, lanterns, and ornate woodwork that are all part of the country’s rich heritage.



The most impressive Moroccan interiors are to be found in the protected world of riads and dars. Their high outer walls barely hint at the inner splendors hidden within: this is a realm reserved to a select few.amranidesign ouzoud Sumptuous rooms lead onto terraces, built around an inner garden or courtyard filled with orange trees and fountains. Herein lies the Orient’s timeless image as a Garden of Eden.

Expression of the Berber people and Moorish heritage, influenced by european, Arab and African traditions of Moroccan craftsmanship is the result of a unique know-how . chefchaouen amrani designThe colorful world of the souks, where jostle carpet , jewelry, silk fabrics, pottery, polished brass … is the sacred domain of artisans who, day after day, tirelessly repeat
ancestral gestures learned from father to son . From rough materials – plaster , stone, earth, wood – these artists create sumptuous sets , abounding colors, teeming with geometric and floral motifs specific to Islamic art. They shape the clay, sculpted cedar, stucco chisel , or weave silk, craftsmen follow a secular codified aesthetic language – which does not exclude the fantasy – the only guarantee of the originality of their art.
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